Thursday, July 12, 2012

How To Coke~a~Chino

I created this beverage after drinking Espresso Soda. I thought it was too bitter, and how can I make it at home? I came up with mixing Coke with an espresso shot; the dark flavors of the cola blends nicely with the aroma of roasted coffee. While it may seem like alot of caffeine, its about as much as a cup of coffee. Enjoy!

Brew Espresso:

I like to brew into a bowl, the large surface area will help it cool down quickly.

Cooling the espresso is extremely important. Cooling with ice cubes will dilute the espresso too much. It is recommended to stir over ice to cool quickly. The espresso must be cold for a nice foam to develop.

Transfer to Cup add Coke:

I use a 16oz cup for 1 shot espresso. You can use either regular or diet Coke. I have done it with can, bottle, and tap, and prefer the latter. Then watch the magic. Drink right away, the foam is the best part. Enjoy!

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